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Welcome! My name is Laura. I’m glad you’re here at “For Hope and Health.” My site has morphed quite a bit over the last few years. On the “Health” side of things, it began as a place to share my health and fitness journey after having my first child. You can find tips and tricks for getting healthy and healthy recipes under the “Get Healthy Tab” at the top of the page. I’m for health, but I’m also for hope.  I’ve always been fascinated with stories (I am a reading specialist you know…). Soon after starting my blog, I realized I desired to help people find hope for their spirits as well as health for their bodies, so I began sharing inspiring true stories of people who had overcome difficult situations. You can read these inspirational stories of incredibly strong souls under the “Find Hope” tab at the top of the page. It’s funny how things work out though because shortly after I started sharing stories of other people’s trials, my husband and I were faced with the biggest trial of our life when we learned we would be having a baby girl with a life threatening digestive disease and that she would need around the clock medical care. We were shocked and scared and I began sharing our journey of trials and faith with our Anabelle Elizabeth. I’m still passionate about exercise, clean eating, and overall healthy living. I still love me a good inspirational story, and I continue to walk the daily path of raising a child with a chronic, life threatening illness. Through the changes, one thing that has remained is my mission to spread TRUE HOPE and LASTING HEALTH. My prayer is that all who take a moment to stop by my blog or reach out to contact me, will find inspiration For Hope and Health.