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A lot has changed in my life over the last year. After having my son (a first child just about changes EVERYTHING about life), last September, I had a chance to stay home with him for a year. It was truly the most amazing experience of my life filled with sleeping in, all day in my pajamas, reading, snuggling, nursing, late nights, and L.O.V.E. It was definitely a year full of love for me.

With just one child, and being home by myself a lot, I had a lot of extra time on my hands.  People say life with a newborn is crazy, but I didn’t find that to be true. Life slowed down for me more than it ever had that year. I had a chance to spend time doing things I really loved. On top of spending time with my husband, Joe, and son Jonah of course, I spent  a LOT of time researching health and fitness, working out, experimenting with clean eating, and researching Beachbody programs and coaching. You can read more about my weight loss journey under the “My Story” tab. This post isn’t about that. This post is about taking a leap of faith, in the hopes that I might even be able to fly.

Sharing my love of fitness, especially as a Beachbody coach is something I have been scared about for a long time. What will people think? Will they think I’m just trying to sell them something? Will they think I’m obsessed with my weight? Will they get sick of my posts like I get sick of other “salesy” posts?

I questioned and so I prayed. I believe that when God plants a desire inside of me, I owe it to Him and myself to at least walk. Walk through the door he opens. Take a risk. T.R.Y. Truth is, I’m not in this to make money. I have a good job, so I don’t really care if people think I’m trying to sell them something because I know in my heart I’m not. I joined Beachbody because I LOVE their programs. I’ve seen results with their programs. I love health and fitness. I’ve, more recently, come to love clean eating. I’m happier, and more passionate about this than I’ve been in a long time. It’s my hobby.

Before I became a parent, I use to wonder how/why parents would post and share so many pictures and videos of their child doing the simplest things. “Oh wow, your child smiled, or “Oh wow, your child ate food and is covered in food. Disgusting,” I’d think to myself.  But then I had my baby Jonah, and I got it. When you love something so much, you can’t help but share it. It actually just bubbles out of you. I get it now, and when I see those pictures or social media posts, I smile and celebrate right along with those parents. Coaching is like that for me. I love it so much that I have to share it in the hopes that I might be able to help even one person on his or her journey to physical and/or spiritual health.

So here I am. Taking the leap. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even fly.

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