Our Story

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Our story begins with a boy eyeing up a girl at his brother’s wedding. He was the best man and she was the maid of honor, and for him, it was love at first sight. She might have fallen for him that day too, except that she was engaged to someone else! That boy knew God had chosen her for him, so he bravely approached that engaged girl and told her she was supposed to marry him instead. The rest is history!

Fast forward six years. That girl is me, Laura, and that very brave boy is my very lovable husband, Joe. I love my job as a seventh grade reading specialist and Joe gets a thrill from rigging, climbing and cutting down trees in his tree business Bisping & Seyler Tree Service LLC. Our spunky firstborn, Jonah joined us in 2014 and becoming parents was the most amazing thing either one of us had ever experienced. In 2016, we got pregnant with our second child, this time a baby girl. At 29 weeks pregnant, we were given the shocking news that our daughter would be born with a life threatening digestive disease, MMIHS and that she would have to get all of her nutrition intravenously through a central line to her chest, and likely need a multi-organ transplant in the future.  Our faith in God is our foundation and giving up control to Him has kept us anchored during this roller coaster of a ride. Raising a chronically ill child has brought about many changes and challenges in our lives, yet we have experienced an outpouring of blessings through this new adventure.

In our spare time (which isn’t much these days), I (Laura) enjoy writing, working out, clean eating, and relaxing in the bathtub with a good book. You’d likely find Joey fixing something, working in his garage, or creating his newest go pro video from high in a tree. We live in the rolling hills of Western Pennsylvania and enjoy spending time as a family camping and hiking.