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boy or girl

Okay, so I would be lying if I said I was totally surprised to find out the gender of our second baby. My amazing friend did an early ultrasound at 13 weeks, and gave us a pretty good idea as to her thoughts on the gender of the baby. Of course, at that early in the game, we couldn’t be too sure. Since then, I have been blessed with over three garbage bags full of beautiful baby clothes from a few dear, sweet mamas, so we hoped she was correct. It turns out, she knew her stuff because baby Bisping #2 is a……..GIRL!

babe girl


We are over the moon with excitement, and Daddy is ready to go. This picture is no jdaddys girloke either. If you know my husband, he is a little (okay, a LOT) protective. Here’s to new life, new adventures, and a brand new world of tutus, hair bows, and pink!



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