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I have remained relatively quiet about my health and fitness during this pregnancy (except for in my accountability groups of course). I keep getting a lot of people asking me if I’m “still working out.” (Maybe that is because I look wayyyy more pregnant than I am. At 15 weeks, I’ve already been asked if I’m having twins…and she wasn’t kidding.). Pregnant, or not, I always find it kind of funny when people ask me if I’m “still working out.” I almost want to ask them, “Why? Does it look like I’m not?”  To me, that is kind of like asking, “Do you eat food?” “How much are you brushing your teeth these days?” “Do you still wear clothes?”

When I say being fit is a lifestyle, I mean it. It NEVER goes away if you are committed. Now, with that said, I don’t think I have EVER been more challenged in my health and fitness than what I was during my first trimester of this pregnancy. I was so, so sick. My eating wasn’t on target. Not for lack of trying though. I really didn’t want to eat anything, except for the very random craving maybe once a week. All of the Mamas out there know that when in your 1st trimester, you have to nibble nonstop to keep from getting sick. The less I ate, the sicker I got. Once I got sick, all I could get down was some bland carb such as cereal, toast, or crackers. Eating was the only way to make the nausea subside, so I pretty much lived on carbs for 12 weeks.

Vegetables especially made me throw up. Smelling vegetables sent me straight to the bathroom. Talking about them made me dry heave, and even thinking of them made me start gagging. I’m pretty sure the cafeteria lady thought I was the unhealthiest person ever when, all of the sudden ,this random girl who never bought a school lunch started showing up every day, asking for the main, (carb loaded) dish, and quickly saying “no vegetables please” (probably with a very disgusted look on my face) day, after day, after day. I muddled through this time, maintaining 4-5 days of working out/week (thanks to the encouragement of my group) between throwing up and laying on the couch all evening after work. It was truly a struggle, and it truly humbled this headstrong, stubborn fit fanatic.

In addition to humility, for someone very active, I think that times of pregnant picinjury (or in my case, constant nausea, vomiting, and exhaustion) teaches us something else; gratitude. As I slowly started to feel human again, gain energy, be able to stomach healthy food, and work out a little harder, I gained an even greater level of gratitude. What my first trimester taught me is to be thankful for a body that can move and exercise; for the energy to take my son outside to play after school, rather than laying around on the couch all night; and for the privilege it is to feed my body and my family healthy food and nutrients (My poor husband made himself frozen pizzas for dinner for about 6 weeks).

So here I am at 15 weeks, finally feeling stronger and so thankful to be eating healthy again. Yes, I “still work out.” As long as the Lord allows, I will still exercise the body he gave me, and I will still eat healthy (well, for the most part. Baby does love a little ice cream here and there, and I admit that I joined in with my students today for their Reading pizza party). This is a lifestyle that I have come to love and appreciate. Those 12 weeks taught me it is a privilege to be able to exercise and eat healthy.  And quite frankly, forget being skinny or looking “good” (cause heaven knows ain’t none of that going down for the next 10+ months) eating crap and laying around all the time makes you feel like crap. My little 12 week experiment made that perfectly clear. If’ you’re someone who has the ability to eat healthy food and exercise your body, you’re the lucky one. Are you exercising your right?


And yes…my belly is still huge. It’s just the way this girl does pregnancy (I think I was only 11 or 12 weeks in this pic). Go big, or go home!belly For Hope and Health,


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